T'owd Man Wirksworth

Please read our terms & conditions carefully.


Advertisers placing ads with us express their own opinion and T'owd Man are not responsible for any upset or distress caused by such adverts. Political material is not permitted in the magazine.

No contract is required when advertising as we take each issue one at a time. You may take out up to 6 issues adverts at once but this is your choice.

Verbal/written orders placed in which subsequent artwork submission is late or missed will either have their artwork provided for them by T'owd Man, previous artwork used in its place or have their advert missed out but still be charged. This is down to the discretion of T'owd Man. Any adverts placed without approval by the advertiser because of their failure to keep to a deadline will not allow T'owd Man to be held liable for any misprints or errors.

T'owd Man cannot be held responsible for mistakes in the adverts. We ask you, the advertiser, to proof read each advert before it is sent to print. Should a mistake be found it will be corrected as quickly as possible but if this is after the publication has been sent to print we can no longer change it.

Printing errors are rare but may happen. In such circumstances where the error is out of the control of the advertiser, T'owd Man would approach the affected parties and offer a discounted future ad placement. Refunds can only be made in special circumstances.


Adverts, sponsors, special ads or distribution with T'owd Man will have an invoice generated, so please have a business name and address ready for this.

Our invoices are due upon receipt of invoice and should be paid before the magazine is distrubted. They have a four week period in which payment must be made before late payment measures may be taken.

Current Period runs from invoice date for 7 days, please make all payments during this time.
Period 1 is from 7 days to 14 days from invoice date and this is 1 week overdue.
Period 2 is from 14 days to 21 days from invoice date and this is 2 weeks overdue.
Period 3 is from 21 days to 28 days from invoice date and this is 3 weeks over due.

Older are invoices older than 28 days and will be classed as non-payments
at which time T'owd Man reserves the right to add a late payment fee of £40.00 to each invoice plus the current national late payment interest rate.


T'owd Man Magazine and any medium distributed along with T'owd Man magazine will reach as many residential and business addresses in Wirksworth & Middleton as possible. Where we try to deliver to all addresses, our distribution team are only human and may miss properties. In this instance we apologies and will always look to deliver a copy to an address if we miss you. Please fill in the contact form with your address and we will ensure you receive a copy.

If your property is outside of the main areas of Wirksworth or Middleton we will not be able to deliver to you. We do leave numerous copies inside shops, pubs, restaurants and more throughout the town if you are interested in picking one up.

If you no longer wish to receive a copy of T'owd Man, please fill in the contact form with your address and we can add you to a non-delivery list. We would appreciate it if you were able to elaborate why you have come to this decision as it will help to improve our service.


We run competitions via our magazine, social media & website. Please read the following before entering.

Winners of image competitions or of content submitted to use to be judged are chosen by T'owd Man employees. Winners for competitions where no content is submitted are chosen at random, either drawn from a hat or making use of random online pickers.

Winners of all competitions should allow their name and content to be published on all forms of T'owd Man media. This includes the magazine, website, social media and any future printed material such as calendars. Large prize giveaways may require a photo of the prizes being handed over and a small statement from the winner which also may be published in all T'owd Man media.

Winners will have 28 days to claim their prize, should the prize not be claimed in this time, the prize will be given to a Wirksworth charity.


Our terms and conditions help keep business between T'owd Man Magazine and 3rd parties, advertisers and other members of the public fair and open. If you believe we, others or yourself are breaking our terms and conditions please speak to a memember of the T'owd Man team and we are always happy to help.